Section 23

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Ptolemaic Hieroglyphic Egyptian (Dec 2016)

ID no.:
Original spelling:
Spelling analysis:
Traditional transliteration:
Glossing transliteration (with links to dictionary):
Linguistic gloss:
Word by word:
Wort für Wort:

Translation (Quirke & Andrews 1988):

Demotic Egyptian (Oct 2014)

ID no.: DEM_04910 DEM_04915 DEM_04920 DEM_04925 DEM_04930 DEM_04935 DEM_04940 DEM_04945 DEM_04950 DEM_04955 DEM_04960 DEM_04965 DEM_04970
Traditional transliteration (TLA, G. Vittmann): ṯꜣj pr-ꜥꜣ tꜣ rsꜣ.t n rn =s (n) ḏrꜣ-ḏr.t n ssw sbq
Glossing transliteration (with links to dictionary): čꜣy pr=ꜥꜣ tꜣ= rsꜣ:t n rn -s n č̣rꜣ=č̣r:t n ssw sbq
Linguistic gloss: take house(M)=great DEF.F.SG= fortress:F in name(M) 3SG.F in in date(M) small
Word by word: take pharaoh the fortress in name her in in date small
Wort für Wort: einnehmen Pharao die Festung in Name sie mit Stärke in Termin klein

Translation (Quirke & Andrews 1988):
PharaohLPH seized the stronghold in question by force in a short time;

Übersetzung (Kaplony-Heckel 1983):
Pharao nahm die genannte Ortschaft in kurzer Zeit mit Gewalt ein;

Ancient Greek (Oct 2014)

ID no.: GR_3610 GR_3615 GR_3620 GR_3625 GR_3630 GR_3635 GR_3640 GR_3645 GR_3650
Traditional transliteration: ἐν ὀλίγωι χρόνωι τήν τε πόλιν κατὰ κράτος εἷλεν
Glossing transliteration (with links to dictionary): en olíg-ōi khrón-ōi tḗn te pólin katà krát-os heîl:en
Linguistic gloss: INESS little-DAT.SG time(M)-DAT.SG DEF.F.ACC.SG PTCL town-F.ACC.SG DIR.INFR strength(N)-ACC.SG take.AOR.ACT:3SG
Word by word: in little time the both city by storm took

Translation (Quirke & Andrews 1988):
In a short time he took the town by storm

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