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Ptolemaic Hieroglyphic Egyptian (Dec 2016)

ID no.: PTOL_1075 PTOL_1080 PTOL_1085 PTOL_1090 PTOL_1095 PTOL_1100 PTOL_1105 PTOL_1110 PTOL_1115 PTOL_1120 PTOL_1125 PTOL_1130 PTOL_1135 PTOL_1140
Original spelling:
Spelling analysis: ⌈m⌉ ⌈r–PL⌉–HOUSE/pr–CL nb SUPR/ḥr–IX rn f šms-s ẖn–n–1–CL–CL j–p–n m s–p–CL 3 m ẖr–r–h–CL
Traditional transliteration: ⌈m⌉ ⌈r‘.(w)⌉-pr nb ḥr rn =f šms ẖn.{1}(ï) jpn m sp 3 m ẖr(.t)-h(rw)
Glossing transliteration (with links to dictionary): m= r-w_pr =nb ḥr rn -f šms ẖn:t:ï jpn m= sp 3 m= ẖr:t_hrw
Linguistic gloss: in= temples:M.PL =each at name(M)[SG] -3SG.M serve:INF statue(M)[SG] DEM.PROX:PL in= occasion(M)[SG] 3 in= daily_requirement:F[SG]
Word by word: in temples each at name -his serve statue(s) these in time(s) 3 in daily_requirement
Wort für Wort: in Tempel jegliche bei Name -sein dienen Statue(n) diese in Mal(e) 3 in täglicher_Befarf

Translation (Quirke & Andrews 1988):
(7) […in] all the temples in question, are to serve these statues three times a day

Demotic Egyptian (Oct 2014)

ID no.: DEM_08035 DEM_08040 DEM_08045 DEM_08050 DEM_08055 DEM_08060 DEM_08065 DEM_08070 DEM_08075 DEM_08080 DEM_08085 DEM_08090 DEM_08095 DEM_08100 DEM_08105 DEM_08110
Traditional transliteration (TLA, G. Vittmann): mtw nꜣ wꜥb.w šms nꜣ twtw.w n pꜣ ı͗rpj ı͗rpj sp-2 sp 3 ẖr-hrw 24
Glossing transliteration (with links to dictionary): mtw nꜣ= wꜥb:w šms nꜣ= twtw:w n pꜣ= jrpy jrpy sp=2 sp 3 ẖr=hrw
Linguistic gloss: CORD.MOD DEF.PL= priest(M) follow DEF.PL= image(M) in DEF.SG.M= temple(M) temple(M) occasion(M)=two occasion(M) three(M) with=day(M)
Word by word: and the priest follow the image in the temple temple (twice) occasion 3 daily
Wort für Wort: und die Priester folgen die Statue in der Tempel Tempel (zweimal) Mal 3 alltäglich

Translation (Quirke & Andrews 1988):
The priests are to attend the statues in the temple, in each and every temple, three times daily

Übersetzung (Kaplony-Heckel 1983):
Und die Priester sollen den Bildern in den einzelnen Tempeln dreimal täglich Dienst tun.

Ancient Greek (Oct 2014)

ID no.: GR_5665 GR_5670 GR_5675 GR_5680 GR_5685 GR_5690 GR_5695 GR_5700 GR_5705
Traditional transliteration: καὶ τοὺς ἱερεῖς θεραπεύειν τὰς εἰκόνας τρὶς τῆς ἡμέρας
Glossing transliteration (with links to dictionary): kaì toùs hier-eîs therapeú-ein tàs eikón-as trì:s tē̂s hēmér-as
Linguistic gloss: CONJ DEF.M.ACC.PL priest(M)-ACC.PL serve-PRS.ACT.INF DEF.F.ACC.PL image(F)-ACC.PL three:ADV DEF.F.GEN.SG day-F.GEN.SG
Word by word: and the priests to serve the images three of the day

Translation (Quirke & Andrews 1988):
and the priests are to serve the images three times a day

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